Trigger Points

Trigger points are pain nodes that are caused by inflamed muscle fibers. Due to the missing relaxation phase of the fibres, the muscle is shortened and knots develop which can be felt on the muscle ligaments. These knots or myofascial trigger points (MTrP) trigger punctual pain when stimulated by pressure or tension, which is often projected into other parts of the body. The size of the knots depends on the muscle on which the trigger point lies. Treatment of the pain accounts normalizes the blood circulation and relaxes the muscle.
Although myofascial trigger points are responsible for pain and movement restrictions in many cases, you will be treated inadequately or not at all.

Trigger points – the most frequent reasons

Muscular overload – strength training in the maximum range

Muscular misloading – Incorrect training, monotonous physical work

Muscular Dysbalance – One-Sided Training

Accident, impact

Malpositions of joints – foot, hip

Wrong posture – bent at the desk, funnel chest

Pinched nerves

stress, depressions

Wrong, unhealthy diet

Active myofascial trigger points

If the trigger points are stimulated, pain or discomfort can occur at the affected area and in the surrounding areas.
Often these MTrP also trigger complaints without the affected region being strained by pressure or tension.

Latent myofascial trigger points

Latent trigger points can be palpated, but are not painful or project pain into other areas of the body. The trigger point can only be painfully perceived through strong stimulation, such as the use of acupuncture needles. The pain caused by this is identical in intensity to that of the active MtrP.

Trigger Points – How they are created and what they do

The development may be due to overstrain, strain or injury. Trigger points can, however, also be caused by incorrect ergonomic stress at the workplace. It is also conceivable that trigger points may occur as a result of a relieving posture that is adopted due to other pain.

The sum of the false loads causes a reduced blood circulation of the corresponding muscle tissue. Deposits of connective tissue can cause a significant reduction in blood flow. Trigger points are usually only a few millimetres in size. The point reacts to pressure and pain.

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