Trigger points neck and cervical spine

The two flat massage knobs at the upper bend of the trigger point massage device are ideal for the treatment of the neck. The massage stick can be attached in the same way as the shoulder massage. Alternatively, you can use the short stick as a grip, which gives you a little more control over the movement. But you have to try it out for yourself to see which grip variant suits you best. Now place the massage stick on the neck muscles and look for a painful trigger point. As soon as you have found a pain point again, hold the pressure for 10-15 seconds. After two or three passes the muscles should loosen considerably. Alternatively, you can stroke the muscles from back to front with the flat massage pimples mobilizing them. Dosage the pressure thereby after feeling. The two flat massage nubs in the bend of the massage rod are ideal for massaging the area of the cervical spine. Make sure that you place the two massage knobs next to the spine and not on top of it. This is the only way to hit the muscle strands that run to the side of the cervical spine and are often tense, especially in people who frequently work at their desks. Keep your spine straight for 10-15 seconds and then gently press for 10-15 seconds. Work your way slowly along the cervical spine.

Mobilization of the Cervical Spine Exercise 1

Another possibility are stroking movements. Use the massage knobs at the top of the cervical spine. Now guide the massage stick slowly downwards with gentle pressure. With which pressure and which speed you can carry out the exercise, your tissue tells you very reliably. Our tip: Carry out the movement as slowly as possible, this is the only way to ensure optimal mobilization.

Cervical Spine Massage Exercise 2

The following variant is even more relaxing: Replace the pimples in the upper area of the cervical spine. Tilt your head forward, close your eyes and then stroke slowly along the muscle lines with moderate pressure. You can literally feel the pressure disappearing from the cervical spine.

Massage of the cervical spine exercise 3

Stay upright and place the massage knobs on the upper part of your cervical spine. Exercise light pressure. Now slowly turn your head left and right while maintaining pressure. Once you have worked on one segment, switch to the next vertebral segment. Watch your body’s signals as you mobilize and adjust the pressure.

Trigger point massage for headaches

The following exercise is also ideal for you if you often suffer from migraines or headaches. Now place the massage burls on the base of the skull in the transition area to the cervical spine. Apply light pressure and move the massage stick slightly back and forth until you hit the pain points ideally. Especially in this region you have to experiment a little to find the trigger points. Alternatively, stroke down from the cervical spine along the side of the base of the skull.

Trigger point massage for migraines

If you frequently have migraines, you can place the massage stick directly under the skull bone. Apply pressure and hold for 10-15 seconds. Important: In this exercise you go into the pain area. Make sure that the pain is in the lower range of the scale from 1 (hardly noticeable) to 10 (very strong pain). You will quickly develop a feeling for how much pain is good and beneficial.

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