trigger points legs

Our leg muscles are the largest contiguous functional muscle group in our body. Both in everyday life and during sport, the thighs and lower legs are put under massive strain or even misplaced due to incorrect posture. Trigger points, tension and adhesions on the leg are correspondingly frequent. For functional reasons, we divide the thighs into the inner adductors and the outer abductors.

Trigger points Adductors

The adductors in particular cause problems with athletes. Footballers, for example, are particularly often affected by the dominant strain on the region caused by inner instep passes, inner instep shots and ball guidance with the inside of the foot. So if you are a footballer, the following exercise is ideal for you. To do this, put your leg in a slightly outward rotation position and step slightly towards the front leg you want to work on.

Use the short rod of the trigger point massager with the flat massage head. Center the massage head on the upper part of the inner thigh. Search again for pain points and work on them with the already mentioned techniques. Work your way down to the knee in this way. But stop in front of the knee, because the tissue in this region is particularly sensitive.

Trigger points shinbone

The following exercise is especially for the runners among you, because due to the characteristic running load, the anterior tibial muscle (tibialis anterior muscle) is particularly often hardened or covered with trigger points. Use the central massage head of the trigger point massage rod. Grasp the rod to the left and right of the centre and place the massage head just below the knee on the shin muscle. Apply pressure to the muscle and guide the massage head with constant pressure in a flowing downward movement along the muscle strand.

As soon as a problem arises, you will immediately feel it in the tissue. Work on these pain points. Since this area of the lower leg is comparatively pain-sensitive due to its proximity to the periosteum of the tibia, you can walk a little further on the pain scale here than in other parts of the body. Carry out the exercise as slowly as possible in order to optimally release tensions and fascial adhesions.

Trigger points calf

In order to work the calf optimally, you kneel down and place one leg forward while the other is angled backwards. With the hook attached to the outer edge of the trigger point massage stick, you now sit on the upper part of the calf muscles. Trigger points are usually located in the area of the muscle origins in the direction of the knee. Once you have found a pain point, hold the pressure for 5-15 seconds.

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