Trigger points hips

Did you know that the hip or pelvic region is the key region for many of our movements? In physiotherapy, this region is therefore also called the power zone, since it is here that the strength for many movements and thus also sporting peak performance comes from. Exactly this region is a real problem zone for many people and especially for those who sit a lot. The straight rods attached to the trigger point massage device are ideal for loosening the hip muscles.

Trigger point massage pelvis

Take the massage stick and align it so that you can place the short stick with the flatter massage head on the side of the pool. Place the massage head on the side below the pelvic crest (pelvic bone) and search for one or more pain points. You can tell that you have hit the right point by the fact that they react strongly to pressure. Usually the trigger points are located in the area of the front hip, where many muscle strands converge. Once you have found a point, you exert pressure on the tissue again and work on the pain point as usual. Then continue with the next pain point.

Tip: If you don’t want to do the trigger point massage with the straight stick or if you don’t hit the pain points at the hip correctly, you can also use the central massage head of the trigger point massage stick.

Trigger point massage buttocks

You can use the two hooks with massage knobs to identify and edit trigger points on the back of the buttocks. This area is especially important because tensions in this area often cause discomfort in the lumbar spine. Place the massage heads of the hook in the rear upper area of the buttocks and exert pressure on the tissue. You can ideally control the pressure by touching the massage rod with one hand on the opposite hook and with the other hand on one of the short rods.

Since the buttocks are a very flat muscle, you may need to use the massage stick to look for trigger points for a while. Process the trigger points as usual with constant pressure of varying intensity. Experiment quietly with the round and pointed massage heads. For example, first use the flatter massage head and then give the trigger point the rest with the pointed massage head.

Trigger point massage loin

The trigger point massage with the Sapura massage stick is also ideal for the lumbar region. In order to hit trigger points in the best possible way, the pointed massage head attached to the hook of the massage stick is ideal, which exerts precise punctual pressure on the painful or tense regions.

Position the massage stick so that it extends around your body. Position the pointed massage head approximately at navel height next to the spine. Now put pressure on the muscles by pushing the massage stick forward. Again, it is entirely up to you and your feeling whether you want to hold the pressure for 10-15 seconds or take deep breaths. Work both sides of the lower back in this way. Listen into yourself and identify the trigger points. You work on this point most intensively by keeping the pressure there especially long and combining it with deep breathing, for example.

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