Yoga mats made of natural materials

Yoga is more than just a sport. Yoga is an art that brings body and mind into harmony. Whether in nature, in your living room or in a yoga studio, yoga is a holistic spiritual experience that reduces stress and gives you strength. And for this to work properly, you need a good yoga mat, because this is the heart of every yoga style. Discover Yoga mats made of pure natural materials. SAPURA supplies you with exclusive natural rubber yoga mats. Thanks to the underside made of extra non-slip rubber and the upper side made of 100% natural cork, you benefit from maximum stability and a particularly pleasant training feeling. Take a piece of nature with you into your living room or yoga studio. At SAPURA you will only find high-quality yoga mats made of exclusive natural materials that are sustainable and free of harmful substances. With Yoga mats from SAPURA you get a piece of nature in your living room, training room and yoga studio.


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Natural rubber yoga mats are very durable

The natural rubber produced from the milky liquid has unique properties that make it ideal for yoga mats. Compared to synthetic rubber and other plastics, this natural material is much more slip-resistant and hard-wearing. This makes natural rubber yoga mats the ideal choice for demanding yoga styles. In addition, there are the water-repellent properties and the good damping effect, so that even the jumps of very dynamic yoga styles can easily be cushioned. Just like cork, rubber also provides excellent insulation against cold. This means that natural rubber mats can also be used very well on cold tiles or stone floors. A Yogamat with a cork surface and a floor coating made of natural rubber is therefore an ideal combination both in terms of functionality and environmental aspects. In addition to body control and conscious breathing, yoga also means a feeling for nature and sustainability. Sapura supports the Project Togo and thus the reconstruction of the forests of Togo. With every mat you order from us, you support us in planting new trees. Our non-slip Yogamats are made of cork and natural rubber and are therefore a real alternative to artificial materials. With the Project Togo we want to give something back to nature and help the local people. The lower side of our yoga mat is made of pure Natural rubber. This guarantees a firm stand and, of course, high slip resistance. The surface of our mat is 100% cork. You can do your yoga exercises on pure nature. The Yogamats are breathable, non-slip and very easy to clean.

Why do I need a yoga mat at all?

Would you have known that the yoga mat does not come from the homeland of yoga - India? On the contrary. Legend has it that it was invented by a German yoga teacher to prevent the asanas from slipping. And exactly this anti-slip effect is the big advantage that yoga mats offer you. Even if there are some people who can do well without a yoga mat, the yoga mat is the anti-slip universal weapon on all training surfaces. Especially on tiles or PVC floors that become slippery, a good yoga mat is worth its weight in gold. The gain in comfort is also a strong pro-argument. Who wants to rest their joints on the hard tiled floor, risk cystitis when meditating or jump without a damping surface when doing dynamic yoga styles? Right, nobody! No wonder that a good yoga mat is a must-have for yogis. As so often in life, the choice of the right yoga mat depends on its size. Our standard cork and natural rubber yoga mat measures 175 cm x 62 cm. This makes it ideal for most yogis and yoga styles. After all, even during the absolute deep relaxation in the Shavasana you have to find space on your yoga mat without any problems. In general, our classic offers comfortable space for all yogis up to a height of 1.80 metres. If you are a bit taller, then our extra-large yoga mat is the perfect choice. Thanks to a length of 190 centimeters, even tall yogis will find a comfortable place in any situation. Our extra long yoga mat made of 100% recyclable Amur cork and natural rubber is also the ideal solution for dynamic yoga styles that involve jumps or high space requirements. Only if your yoga mat fits perfectly to your size will you avoid slipping and unwanted ground contact.

Therefore high-quality yoga mats are the better choice

Due to the continuing yoga boom you get yoga mats like sand at the sea. Unfortunately, most products are inexpensive plastic mats that are neither durable nor sustainable. A high-quality yoga mat made of hard-wearing natural materials such as Amur cork, on the other hand, shows hardly any signs of use even after several yoga sessions. Thanks to their long service life, SAPURA yoga mats accompany you for many years, while yogis who rely on inexpensive PVC mats wear out some yoga mats at the same time. In addition, SAPURA yoga mats consist exclusively of natural materials. You will look in vain for nasty plastic odors as well as softeners and other potentially harmful substances.

SAPURA yoga mats combine the advantages of two materials

Sustainability is on the same level with comfort and functionality for optimal yoga training. With Amur cork and natural rubber we have found two materials that perfectly combine both aspects. The underside made of natural rubber makes SAPURA yoga mats non-slip and non-slip on any surface and at the same time provides attractive cold insulation. In addition, the material gives our 3 millimetre thick yoga mats a large part of their pleasant damping effect. The cork on top has some amazing properties. The material takes on your body temperature in the twinkling of an eye, unlike many plastics, thanks to its ability to store heat. This makes training comfortable right from the start. Our yoga mats are the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC yoga mats. Since SAPURA mats contain neither PVC nor latex, our products are ideal for allergy sufferers, children and yogis with easily irritable skin. In addition, the high-quality cork presents itself as a genuine high-tech material from Mother Nature. The cork surface is not only non-slip, but also antibacterial and water-repellent in a natural way. This means that it does not provide a breeding ground for odour-forming bacteria, even during sweat-inducing sessions. And the best: After your yoga training you can simply wipe your yoga mat with a damp cloth and it's like new. The care of your yoga mat works even better with our organic yoga mat cleaner spray, which removes traces of use and gives the cork surface a wonderfully fresh scent of grapefruit and lavender.

SAPURA supports Project Togo - Become a supporter too

For us, sustainability is more than just a word. We live sustainability by specifically supporting projects. Such an affair of the heart is Project Togo, which deals with the reforestation of forests in the African country. Part of the selling price of each yoga mat goes directly into this project. With every SAPURA yoga mat you order, you make an active contribution to sustainable climate and environmental protection. Become a supporter of Project Togo and let the rainforest grow tree by tree again.