Trigger Point Massager and Back hook massager

The Triggerpoint massager has a characteristic S-shape. This ensures that you can also ideally work on areas of your body that you cannot reach with your hands. Another advantage of the curved shape is that you can build up more pressure and exert it on the trigger points.

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The trigger point massage is a technique where you quickly get into a pain area. Make sure that the pain remains at a tolerable level. Anything else is counterproductive. Over time you will learn how to use the Triggerpoint massager and which pain is positive as "feel-good pain". And exactly this development of a better body feeling is one of the goals, which you reach with the trigger point massage. The trigger point massager is the perfect complement to the fascia roll. While the massage roller works over a large area and is thus a tool for larger areas, a trigger point massage stick helps to penetrate into the depth and to precisely hit the myofascial trigger points.