The perfect foam roller for your spine

The aim of Foam rolling is to activate fasciae and muscles optimally. Rolling over bones and vertebrae is not only painful, but also prevents the massage roll from optimally reaching the glued fasciae. Foam roller with a central recess such as our HEAL and ALPHA models have been specially developed for loosening adhesions on the back. The recess completely absorbs the extensions of the vertebrae and thus protects them from pressure. At the same time, the transverse or longitudinally striped structure of the fascia can process the mostly particularly hardened areas directly next to the spine with optimum pressure. If you mainly want to work your back from the lumbar region via the thoracic region up to the neck, you should buy a foam roller, which has a spine recess. Also for other body areas such as the arms or legs a massage roller with a central recess is best suited.


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Great selection of foam roller - For every therapy approach

Our massage tools are an effective weapon against glued fascia and inflexible fascia tissue. Since our fascia tissue responds very well to different mechanical stimuli, the properties of massage roller also differ. In addition to the classic smooth roller, there are therefore products with nubs and transverse grooves in different characteristics and degrees of hardness. Which foam roller actually suits me? It all depends on which goals you pursue and how intensive the training with the roll may be. In general, foam rolling is suitable as additional training for athletes but also for pain patients. The roller differ in hardness, structure, length, diameter and material. Most roller are between 30 and 45cm long and have a diameter of 10 - 14cm. Some massage tools even have a vibration function that intensifies the training even more. Athletes who are used to regular training use foam roller with a high degree of hardness. If Foam roller are used for pain therapy, a low degree of hardness should be chosen first. After a while, a harder roller can also be used here. This ultimately depends on the diagnosis, but also on the patient's personal perception of pain.If you work with foam roller, you benefit from a variety of different products that you can tailor to your individual training. In the search for the right massage roll there are some things to consider. The training devices do not only differ in length and diameter. Also degree of hardness, structure and form are different from supplier to supplier. We have provided you with a small overview of the possible applications.

Finding the right massage roller

Small or big? Hard or soft? With structure, smooth or ergonomically shaped? If you are looking for the ideal Foam roller for your needs, you will find it at SAPURA. All roller you can buy from us are optimized for a specific application. No matter whether you want to eliminate painful trigger points, relieve fascia pain, loosen stiff muscles or promote regeneration after training - with us you get exactly the roller that suits you.

What are the differences between foam roller?

If you want to buy a foam roller, the first question is of course: Which one is right for me and what are the differences? There is a huge range - smooth, ribbed, hard and soft, up to massage rollers with pronounced patterns or recesses for your spine.There is also a simple reason for this: every body is individual and every person has different problem zones, which should be eliminated with foam rolling. Accordingly, there are different variants for different purposes. Basically, massage roller differ in size, material and surface structure. Which foam roller you should buy depends on your needs.

Massage roller size

You can buy the best quality foam roller, but if it doesn't fit your body, you won't enjoy it much. For exactly this reason, there are Massage roller in different heights. The reference point for the size of the foam roller is the largest part of the body that you work in rolling - the back. Most roller are designed in such a way that almost everyone can use them without any problems.One such all-rounder is our therapeutic foam roller HEAL with a length of 32 centimetres. Our ALPHA is much longer with 36 centimeters. Since the massage roller is not only higher than other ones, but also has a larger diameter with 15 centimeters, it is also suitable for athletes with an above-average back width.

Find the ideal hardness of your massage roller

If you want to buy a massage roller, there is a basic rule regarding the degree of hardness: The harder the roller, the higher the pressure it exerts on the fabric. If you have strong tensions or are just getting into the topic foam rolling, you should buy a soft to normally hard one. Really hard foam roller are only for well trained athletes, who know the training very well.

Structures activate muscles and fasciae

Our fasciae as well as our muscles are fascinating structures. They react to a wide variety of stimuli, which benefits the variety of fascia therapy. A smooth foam roller exerts even pressure when rolling. This enables large-area activation. Grooves, on the other hand, such as our HEAL and ALPHA foam roller, relieve special areas of the body. Structured roller with knobs and other irregular structures are ideal for reaching deeper fasciae and muscle strands and for working on muscle strands. In addition, structured massage roller promise a massage effect that promotes blood circulation.

The right foam roller for beginners

Not all humans have the same pain sensation and exactly for this reason it is important to slowly approach the suitable roller during training. If you start with a roller that is too hard and the training causes you pain, you will not continue with the exercises and will tick off the foam rolling as a bad experience. To prevent this from happening, we have tested and compared five types for all beginners or people with a high sense of pain. If you sich feel comfortable with your soft roller and are experienced in handling it, nothing stands in the way of changing to a harder roller.
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The right fascia roller for advanced and professional users

This often includes people from the fields of weight training, extreme sports or several years of experience with fascial training. Here roles are needed which correspond to your needs and are up to your requirements. These may be a little harder and have a distinctive structure. Hard fascia balls or double balls can also be used here. By the changing use of roll and balls the muscles and fasciae are stimulated ideally and do not get used to a constant pressure.

The right fascial roll for cellulite

Fascial training has many advantages. Our muscles remain elastic, we are not so susceptible to injuries, the blood flow to the cells is stimulated and by stimulating the fascia the body produces important collagen. Collagen provides firm skin and inhibits the development or spread of cellulite. As our body stops producing collagen more and more with age, it is up to us to revive production with a healthy diet, endurance and weight training as well as targeted fascial training. Fascia rolls of medium hardness and structure are ideal for fighting cellulite as they enable a deep connective tissue massage. The structures of the fascia rolls are often modelled on the human fingertips, which simplifies selective massage of the affected areas.

The right fascia roll for yoga exercises

Our fasciae remain supple when we stretch them extensively and keep them moving. Elastic connective tissue ensures vitality, mobility, a better posture and less susceptibility to tension. This goes hand in hand with a better feeling of well-being, inner calmness and thus a higher quality of life. Fascia training therefore has some similarities to yoga and can be ideally integrated into the exercises. In fascia yoga the muscle ligaments are stretched and the deep lying connective tissue is stimulated and loosened by light pressure. Both rollers and balls are suitable for exerting pressure on the various muscle areas. Since functional training but also relaxation is important for fascia yoga, Fascia rolls and Fascia balls of medium hardness are recommended.

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